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Delivery of Dry ration and veggis to PVTGs in Vidyanagaram, Thatigondi and Vegisagandi – sponsored by TORANTO CANADA NRI’S

Delivery of Dry ration and veggis to PVTGs in Vidyanagaram, Thatigondi and Vegisagandi – sponsored by TORANTO CANADA NRI’S

Delivery of dry ration kits and veggis to 64 PVTG families in Vidyanagaram, Thagigondi, Vegisagandi sponsored by TORANTO CANADA NRI’s under the leadership of Ms. Vijetha.

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Beautiful scenes of our area




Heart touching scenes 

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Distribution of SOLAR LIGHTS TO Thadikavagu



On demand from black light families we have shared 3 Solar lights to 3 families in sunlight at Thadikavagu.

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Dry ration kits distribution to most vulnerable families in Mothugudem cluster



Distribution of dry ration kits to 50 most vulnerable families in Mothugudem cluster. Each kit consists of 2kg Oil, 2kgs of daal, red chilly powder, meal maker, salt, groundnuts, groundnut sweet, soaps -3, coconut oil.

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Sharing TOYS with AW children



We shared playing TOYS with children of 4 Anganwadi centre's Murumuru Nandigam in Yetapaaka mandal. Children are enjoying a lot.

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Conservation of indigenous SEEDS



Asha arranged to get good quality of Desi seeds from SAHAJA SEEDS, Bangalore and distributed in 5 villages of Mothugudem cluster.

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SOLAR lights distribution



Rajucamp near Forbay camp has no power. 10 families living in dark of interial jungle of hills. We noticed and asked to Ms. K.Satyavati garu. She sponsored 10 lights for distribution. We gave 10 battery lights to get help in rainy days. 

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Flood relief 2022



Distribution of dry ration kits to 300 flood affected families in Murumuru, Nandigam and Thotapalli villages of Yetapaka Mandal ASR district. Sponsored by Goonj 

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Flood relief -2022 in Kunavaram



Asha along with Muslim charity organization distributed rice and dry ration to Flood affected families in Kunavaram 

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Delivery of Dengue testing kits to PHCs.

After heavy floods of SABARI and GODAVARI our agency division badly attacked by many viral diseases. One of most dangarous fever of DENGUE traced in many fever cases. There is no government supply of Dengue Testing Kits. So we made an appeal for support from like minded people and obtained. We have supplied Dengue Testing Kits to the Area Hospital, Godlagudem and EDPally PHCs. 

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Promotion of backyard plantation

distribution of 5000 fruit bearing plants in 7 villagers

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