My Old memories working with Chaitanya Shravanthi, Gudem 1983.

A Teak Plantation on route from Chintapalli to Gudem – snow at 7.45am on April 30th
Gudem entering
Mess for all staff members called as “ANNAPURNA” 1985
Ratchabanda : Quite a number of training’s and meetings from local to central level were organized on this Ratcha banda.
Mr. Laikon, He joined as assistant to Sri. Gopalrao garu, incharge of dairy unit. still he is with organization
Colleagues me, Sankuraiah and Laikon
Ratcha Banda and two Jack-fruit trees.
Training – accommodation center.
Directors house: Mrs. V.B. Mani used stay in this house. I have written a number of proposals, reports here in this beautiful house along with Sri. V.B.Chandrasekharan [My guru]
GOLGHAR [Round house] meant for women workers meetings and office purpose. but less used.
Our Chaitanya Shravanti Office. I am used sleep in this office along with Mr. V.Ramesh after working late nights up to 12.30 tallying accounts, sometimes typing proposals etc; etc;.
Late Mani memorial


Legal Awareness Programme organized at Vodiya Camp on 28th March, 2019. Sri. Baalu Akkisa, President, Centre for Rights attended the meeting as Resource person. CFRA,FRA, MGNREGA, RTI, RTE, PESA and other related acts, laws, rules explained to the community. 57 members from 6 villages attended the meeting. Local issues were discussed and planed to work together for getting resolved.