Bijasal cup

‘Sure to cure‘ medicinal plants
Some drugs (herbal medicinal plants) cure the diseases/ problem without fail if taken as narrated below.
A forest tree ‘Biyo’ (Bijasal) Pterocarpus marsupium Local Name Odia : Bija , Piasal Hindi : Bijasal Bengali : Pitshal Sanskrit : Murga Telugu : Yegi [ వేగిశ ]Malayalam : Venga Tamil : Vengai Kannada : Honne is very well known to  cure diabetes  by reducing the sugar in the urine as well as blood. Bijasal cups are prepared from the heart wood. One glass of water kept inside the cup overnight is drunk in the early morning regularly for 2-3 months.
Pterocarpus marsupium is a plant drug belonging to a group called Rasayana in Ayurvedic system of medicine. These Rasayana drugs are immunomodulators and relieve stress in the body. In India kannada peoples are used to make a wooden tumbler from the heartwood. Water is left overnight in the wooden tumbler and is consumed in the next morning to cure diabetes. Kol tribes in Odisha pound a paste mixture of the bark of P. marsupium with the bark of Mangifera indica, Shorea robusta & Spondias pinnata to treat some dysentery illness. The gum resin of this plant is the only herbal product ever found that regenerate beta cells that produce insulin in pancreas.

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An innovative approach to tap the Un-tapped  Natural Resources: Making Bamboo sheath cup [Biodegradable] for sustainable resource management. We have spent today [1st January 2016] like this with partner beneficiary community along with master trainers Ms. Kadabala. Padma and Mrs. Kadabala. Varalaxmi of Devarapalli village near Geddada. The whole proces of Biodegradable cup making with Bamboo sheaths.