Mohva seed collection starts in the last week of June and ends by July. The community has to debark the Seed to get Kernel for Oil extraction. This will be done manually for generations, no technology reached them so far. They collect all the seeds of their trees (50 to 100) and keep at a corner of the house and start the debarking, it takes lot of time and involve most of the family members. This year natural man soon delayed, but  sudden Cyclone made the process some more delay, the result is  damage to Mohve Seed which affects the Oil quantity and quality. The community  mix this with other good quality and sale it to middle man or businessman. The community forced to dry the seed through heating process. If they provided with DECORTICATOR which help them to remove bark easily, will be more helpful for tribal community in the region. 


7th July, 2014: Visit to meeting Mrs. Aruna L, Bamboo House India. Prof: V.V.N.Rao, K. Mallesh (Volunteer) and myself discussed about colloboration with Bamboo house India. At present they have number of contracts for building Bamboo houses for corporate sector and government institutions. Simaltaneously they need Bamboo and Bamboo mats. Now these raw material are importing from Assam spending more money. Where as we in our state has  source of Bamboo species they use. The problem is transportation of even finished product produced from bamboo. In fact as per the proceedings Rc.No: 1339/2014-15 dated 10.01.2014 of Sri.BSS Reddy, Prl.Chief Conservator of Forests (Head of Forest Force) the finished product produced from bamboo, which does not come under definition of forest produce, does not require transit permit under A.P. Forest Produce Transit Rules, 1970. However we decided to make Bamboo mats with Konda Reddys in Chinturu mandal and transport to Hyderabad Bamboo house India as an experiment taking risk on our own. We requested Ms. Aruna garu to market Bamboo handicrafts made by Konda reddys for more income.  She agreed and asked to send images, samples and price list. We visited their workshop of Bamboo House making. 

Roof, doors, TV Stand, Chairs, Cot made with Bamboo in Bamboo house india house

Mrs. Aruna.L
Workshop of Bamboo house India, Hydeabad.

ఖాదీ గ్రామోద్యోగ మహా విద్యాలయ సంధర్శన- సమావేశం- అవగాహన శిబిరం ఏర్పాటు

Sri. S.R.I. Sastry, Principal, Khadi Gramodyog Maha Vidyalaya explaining hand made soap making training unit and other trades in Maha vidyala. He is expert in non-edible Oils. We together decided to hold “Entrepreneurship Awareness Programme” during this month in Chinturu Mandal then plan for future collaborative activities as out come of the EAP…..7th July,2014


EXTRACTION AND EXPLOITATION IN MOHVA SEED (OIL): In Chinturu Mandal Head quarter there are 4 oil extractors are working. The community (ST) members bring their Mohva seed (debarked manually and dried) from around villages of 20 to 30 Kms away and wait for their round to get the job done may be 5,6 hours. More women come for Oil extraction. The miller charges Rs.4.00 per Kg and extract Oil 30% to 40% depending on the seed quality etc;. The pulp remains with miller with no cost, he just keep it with him, later they sell it  @Rs.5.00 per kg (We came to knew in Hyderabd cost is Rs.8.00) to middleman or agents who came from Chattisgarh (neighboring state) and Vijayawada. The pulp again used to extract Oil 20% to 30% in factories then remained pulp will be used as fertilizer and feed for fish. Now in our Chinturu mandal the middle man from Chattisgarh making rounds to the interior villages with all equipment to get the Mohva seed on   barter system 2 kgs Rice for 1 kg of Mohva Dal.
Tribal women waiting from 4 hours to get their round to extract Oil.

Mohva SEED pulp kept for sale in Mill.

Mohva Oil and properties

Oil has anti inflammatory, extra scavenging activity used as culinary, hair oil, illumination, lighting, and keeps body glossy, warm as ointment, in rheumatism and to prevent cracks. 

విప్పనూనె కీళ్ల నొప్పుల నుండి ఉపశమనాన్ని కలిగిస్తుంది, చర్మపగుళ్లు నివారణకు, శుద్ధి కి, తలవెంట్రుకలు ఎదుగుదలకు, చుండ్రును  తొలగించేందుకు పనిచేస్తుంది. నొప్పి నివారిణి గాను శుద్ధి చేసేదిగాను  విశిస్టంగా పనిచేస్తుందని పరిశోధన ల వల్ల తెలుస్తుందిదీపారాధన కొరకు ప్రశస్తమైనది ఇప్పనూనె