Mr. Sankurayya of Chatti village holding a long tins made with water PVC pipes (one piece cost Rs.50/-). notice one odd in between, that is BAMBOO. 15 years back tribals used this bamboo tins having  one or one and half nods to tap toddy from Palymarah trees. They collects this bamboo (BAMBUSA ARUNDINACEAE (thorny bamboo) from Maredumilly 70 Kms from our Chinturu. Now it become impossible to get those bamboo tins because of increased harrassment of Forest staff and non vailability of Bamboos in Natural forests of Maredumilly. 2 days back I surprised to see one farmer in Ratnapuram planted this variety of Bamboo at tank band and he fenced it. However, using water paipes (not eco friendly) is harmful to the people, because these tins hanged to the top of the Palmyrah tree which is kept under direct sun.

Bambusa Arundinaceae variety of Bamboo is now extinct in the area, conform to the climatic and edaphic conditions of the state as most of the forests occurring in the state, are classified as dry deciduous type with Bambusa Arundinaceae predominating in the areas of higher rainfall, and where proximity to perennial source of water is high.


ODD (small and Bold) ONE IS bamboo other are made with PVC pipes.


A joint meeting for VSS (CFRA) Sirasanapalli issue is convened by The Project Officer, ITDA with Forest Department , CFRA members and Asha Ngo on 11.4.2014. Discussed all the issues pertaining to Bamboo harvesting and sale. A long heated discussion generated among the group. Mainly the community lost confidence on Forest Department as they suffering from 3 months to get withdrawal from their own account (2004 Bamboo sales proceeds 50%). Department raised many technical, self difficulties in following the GRAMASABHA RESOLUTIONS. The conclusion of the meeting is : 1. Sirasanpalli CFRA villagers are allowed to put Bamboo depot at their village. 2. They sale  bamboo with the help of ITDA and Asha NGO. 3. Rs.1.00 Lakh released on the spot (FRO gave the letter to the Bank Manager to honour the withdrawal: which is not mandatory).  The DFO assured all cooperation in future with community. About Tulugonda VSS , DFO asked Asha NGO to again send resolution of VSS for permission of Bamboo harvesting.
The Project Officer Ms. D. Divya, I.A.S is very kind and put maximum efforts to convey the Old mind setted Forest Officers, even she has tight schedule as she posted as Returning Officer of Aswaraopet Constituency. 


30% Makes 100% Impossible

 10,000 Bamboo and 8 Tones of Industriat cuts (worth Rs.6.00 Lakhs) of VSS Sirasanapalli is burnt, while we are siting in the village to hold the meeting of Gramasabha to discuss about the agenda for the tommarrow’s meeting convened by P.O., ITDA with Forest Department. 

VSS sirasanapalli got bamboo harvesting permission on 20th May,2012 and they started harvest during this year from 17th Feb, 2014. As agreed earlier by the Divisional Forest Officer, the amount  balance in VSS (Private) account can be used by the VSS members as advance, since they are harvesting bamboo, and the same amount will be repaid as soon as they get the sale proceeds of the felled Bamboo. But, the Officer who said all these was retired last year. 2 months back our P.O.ITDA is also promoted and posted in Srikakulam district as J.C.From one year Bhadrachalam (south) division  failed to get one IFS officer and nagging with promoted/confirmed officers who worry about their pensions and benefits at the end and to satisfy their superiors at the cost of community.

The gramasabha held on 24th Jan,2014 resolved all the matters partaining to VSS management, Bamboo harvesting, sale and issue transport permit, utilise balance amount in the private account of VSS. All the efforts made by the Gramasabha are not even noticed by the concerned officers. They need 30% for every forestry work, otherwise they creat and manipulate even Rules and acts. This village has CFRA for 500 Ha and all the problems created since the villagers took the initiative to claim their rights

Controlling the fire from spreading into other areas

The fate of TAANI Kaya (Terminalia bellerica) NTFP

The fate of TAANI Kaya (Terminalia bellerica): This fruit is one of the ingredient of TRIFALA CHURNA (USIRI,KARAKA AND TANI). Medicinally this fruit has rich value. We have number of trees in our natural forests. Tribal women used to collect these fruits upto 2000 and sale them to GCC. Now no one is collecting THANI kaya because of low price. This year one NGO proposed to collect it through community members with Rs.12/- per kg. But, the local community getting Rs.150/- or more for 2 hours of work under Mahatma Gandhi National Employment Guarantee Act.  At last the staff of the NGO them self collected minimum targeted quantity of Taani fruit to claim their salaries. Once, we asked in Vizag to know price the shop owner told that Rs.80/-Kg. He offerd Rs.18/- if we supply the fruit. However now all the Thani fruits are burning in the forests. No community women is interested to collect. 
Ministry of Tribal Affairs (Govt of India) issued Guidelines of the Scheme in Jan, 2014 ‘Mechanism for marketing of Minor Forest Produce (MFP) through Minimum Support Price (MSP) and Development of value Chain for MFP’ as a measure of social safety for MFP gatherers. Terminalia bellerica is not listed in the selected 12 MFP by Government of India.following 12 MFP for which gatherers have been vested full ownership right u/s 3(i) cc of FRA 2006.:
1. Lac (Kerria lacca) 2. Chironjee (Buchanania lanzan) 3. Wild Honey (Apis dorsetta,A.cerana,A.floera, Trigona spp 4. Karanj Seed (Pongamia pinnata) 5. Mahuwa Seed (Madhucaindica M.latifolia M. longifolia) 6. Sal Seed (Shorea robusta) 7. Sal Leaf (Shorea robusta) 8. Tamarind (Tamarindus indica) 9. Gum Karaya (Sterculia urens) 10. Myrobalan (Terminalia chebula) 11. Tendu (Diaspyros melonoxylon) 12. Bamboo (All species of Bamboos)


NTFP: SEEKAI, SOAPNUT, TAMARIND, MOHVA FLOWER and HILL BROOMGRASS, Bamboo vinnowing Baskets: middleman at Road side near Tulasipakala village. All Rajahmundry/Bhadrachalam buses take holt here to fecilitate passengers (Urban) to buy the requirements. Local tribal community collects these Non Timber Forest Produce (NTFP) from village sarroundings, natural forests and sale them to middleman at low price. Some times this middleman goes to the tribal villages and bring the NTFP. Value addition to these items will fatch more income to local tribal community.