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WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY Mr. Sd. Subhani, Secretary Asha and Sri. K. Ashok Kumar, IFS, DFO, Bhadrachalam south Division

Mr. Sd. Subhani explaining his experience and appealing to no to use plastic

Sri. K.Ashok Kumar,IFS, D.F.O. organising pledge with all the members.

                                                     WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY
5th JUNE 2012

5th June, 2012: “Forest is open treasury; people are becoming more selfish and exploiting all resources like Land, Water, Air, and Sky available at the cost of future generations. We are destroying our earth planet with our own hands for unlimited enjoyment” says Sri. K. Ashok Kumar, IFS, Divisional Forest Officer, Bhadrachalam (south) divison. He addressed the meeting of  40th World Environment Day  celebrated at Chinturu Forest Guest House on 5th June, 2012 jointly organized by NGO Association for Social and Humanize Action (Asha) and Bhadrachalam (South) Division, A.P. Forest Department. The meeting chaired by Mr. Ashok rao, Sub divisional Forest Officer, Mothugudem. He delivered the keynote address.
The meeting is attended by all Mandal level officers. Sri. M. Raju, Sub-inspector of police ensured that he will create awareness on Plastic usage in the village and take all necessary actions as per law to avoid usage of Plastic Bags in Chinturu. Mrs. Radha Krishna Kumari, M.P.D.O, stressed that making clean Chinturu is not possible only with taking pledges and holding meetings, but it is responsibility of every one living in Chinturu, she suggested to involve all the departments of Mandal and as a team all should work for this. 
All the members who attended the meeting took the following pledge performed by Sri. Ashok Kumar, IFS, Divisional Forest Officer:
*       Every one of us should completely avoid using Plastic Bags in our houses.
*       If necessary we use each bag in possible number of times.
*       We should find alternatives to Plastic Bag, Like cloth bag, Paper Bags etc;
*      We should dispose Plastic bags categorizing into two types: one recyclable, two non recyclable.
*      We should plant a tree and take care of it in our campus on every pleasant occasion of our family.
*      Every Mandal level Office, Schools, Hostels, Hospitals, Hotels and every public place should be kept clean. The Officer In charge of the Institute, Office should take responsibility of this activity and ensure with the help of concerned staff.
Mr. Subhani, Secretary, Asha summarized the speakers opinions and suggestions to make Clean Chinturu. He requested all the participants follow the pledge and educate each one to 10 members. He stressed that we should follow the Gandhi saying “Be the change you wish to see in the World”.
A team of 5 members formed to visit each area of Chinturu village and make awareness to the people about loss of plastic usage. On 10th of June the 4 member team will visit market place and meet each Vendor (all fruit, mutton, chicken, kirana, fancy, private hospitals etc; etc;) and educate them.
Mr. A. Srinivasa Rao, FRO , Chinturu, Mr.S.Subhani, Secretary , Asha Chinturu, Medical Officers and other NGO s participated the meeting.