Destruction of Bamboo regeneration in natural forests by Departmental Extraction of Timber-not following the silvicultural operations. Ignorance of regeneration- Clump management in Bamboo Forests -Guidelines issued vide CIRCULAR No: 3/2011/S1 dated 18th July, Sri. C.Madhukar Raj, Prl. Chief Conservator of Forests, (Head of Forest Force) recently appointed as one of the  Commissioner of A.P. State Information Commission.
Distribution of Old cloths (collected in Chinturu village) to children in tribal village School

Distribution of Cloths

Distribution of Cloths in Dabbagudem School according to suitable sizes – Cloths were collected during  collection of OLD NEWS PAPERS in Chinturu

Fund raising through OLD NEWS PAPERS collection. We collected 147.400 Kgs of OLD Newspapers from 53 suppourters in Chinturu on 6th May, 2012. Our collection in First month Feb: 106 Kgs, March, 65 Kgs and April 85 Kgs. This month we got good response from daily news paper readers. As on today for 4 months we have collected Old News papers worth of   Rs. 4,884/- and Old Cloths which were distributed in a school for children,  adults as per the size of cloths. 

Job seekers returning from nrega work – removal of stumps in the Agri fields 

Carrying Firewood (removed stumps) from nrega work

Dr. Sugan Bharanth, Serva Seva Sangh, in a Youth Camp at Chatti on 8th May, 2012

Sri. Aditya Patnaik, ACM, Mayurbhanj, sensitization of youth in camp at Chatti on 8th, May, 2012

An old women struggling for bread with out-dated skill to feed her Husband (T.B.Patient). The round article made with Palmyrah leafs is used to put under the Pot for keeping it safe and settled.

Children busy in making dish in their play under a big tree shade (Marri chettu) at 2.45pm 48 degrees summer hot on 8th May, 2012 

C hating in shade