This boy Mr. Kadala Narsimha Reddy on 29th of July, 2011 came to our Cell shop. My younger son runs a Cell shop from where Narsimha Reddy purchased a Cell phone Brand Lephone (China Mobile) he brought the Cell for repair. Today I happened to sit in the shop counter since, my son gone outside for purchasing. And my elder son went to his office, so I forced to go and sit in the counter. Usually I didn’t go there. Observing the boys face thought He is from PTG village, I started conversation with him. The essence of the conversation is as follows:
Mr.Kadala Narsimha Reddy living in China thogu ( a village situated on a series of Hills) on the way to Kamanthogu a PTG (Primitive Tribal Group) Konda Reddy village. He answered to the question there are only 3 houses in their village. He never went to school, now he denying to go to school or camp. His brother Latchi Reddy only the boy who studied upto 2nd class in the village  Very recently our Project Officer walked up to the hills to meet the PTG people. He is very kind to sanction several schemes for the welfare and development of Konda Reddy. It become passion to every young Officer, particularly P.O.s of ITDAs visit Konda Reddy villages and make many promises to change their lives and attempt to ‘mainstreaming’ them. I am observing from several years, quite a number of P.O.s visited the Konda Reddy villages and made lot of efforts and money to do good to them. At last some Koda Reddy families were forcedly convinced to come down to Maddigudem and Boddugudem tribal villages and they were allotted sufficient land and developed that land, provided water facility and tractor in Maddigudem village. Unfortunately the scene is same as in the beginning. Many times I am wondering that money is poured like water and Government is committed to develop the PTG, but in vain. What is the reason behind? I some time feel that These are all might not be their felt needs”.
I just asked the boy. Are you going for hunting? How many bow & arrows in your village? To my shock he replied, no we are not going for hunting and we have no Bow & Arrows?  Reason is that Bamboo is not available to make Bow & arrow and is completely vanished. Now new shoots are coming.  “VEDURUKI ROGAM VOCHINDI”.  I asked if any animal come in the Night how they protect themselves, replied we have banda katti. He worried that girls are dying in their villages. He has two sisters and two brothers. His parents died. His elder brother take care of the family members.

Please go through the below two Press clippings (color and white and black) about PTG Development initiatives and impact.

THE HINDU 20th July, 2011

EENADU on 25th July, 2011

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